About the Platform

Key Features of Eigo.AI:

📚 Diverse Content Library: Each lesson comes in three difficulty levels, starting with an engaging video.

🎧 Listening Practice: After the video, fill in the gaps in a listening exercise. Immediate feedback helps you improve fast.

📖 Reading Section: Look up words for contextual definitions in various languages. Test your understanding with multiple-choice questions.

🤖 AI-Powered Activities: All quizzes and texts are AI-generated and human-verified for accuracy.

🗣 Speaking Feedback: Get instant feedback on pronunciation. Colors indicate pronunciation quality: red (serious errors), orange (minor errors), green (good).

📝 Writing Exercise: Write responses to prompts (25-100 words). AI evaluates your writing on five criteria and provides improvement tips in your preferred language.

🔁 Review Activity: Match words with definitions and get instant feedback.

💬 Conversational Component: Practice speaking with AI, receive real-time corrections, and stay on topic. Get feedback on grammar, vocabulary, and more.

🌐 Multilingual Support: Feedback and definitions available in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for all learners.

Eigo.AI is your comprehensive tool for learning English, combining multiple skills and instant AI feedback to boost your learning journey!